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Do you need a worker for a few hours, a day, or a few days?

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We are the one of a kind temporary job placement service, that provides skilled workers to businesses and homeowners at very reasonable rates per hour.

All our workers are pre-screened with CORI Background checks and are covered by Workers Comp. Insurance. This saves You both time and money by not having to interview, train, provide insurance, and take out withholding taxes because we do it all, while making sure you get the best available worker or workers for
your hard earned money.


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At RENT-A-WORKER, we can help you get it done right-no matter what it is!

The Cost:

Basic/General Labor: $20 a hour (cleaning, ikea furniture      assembly, moving, heavy lifting, landscaping/snow removal, etc.

Skilled Labor: $25 a hour (handyperson, home improvement, general property maintenance, carpentry, painting, drywall repair, etc.) 

Electrical Labor: $30 a hour (light fixtures/ceiling fans, replacing electrical outlets, light switches, etc.)

Plumbing Labor: $35 a hour (replacing toilets, faucets, fixing clogs, leaks, etc.)

If we provide any materials they are billed to you at cost.
Owners may choose the worker they want if that person is available.
Workers also may be hired full-time after 90 days, at No extra cost!

The Top 10 Reasons To Use Our Services

1. We'll free up your time to do other more fun things.
2. We work quickly and efficiently.
3. No more squabbles with your partner, spouse or kids about getting things done.
4. We're professional, friendly, good natured people.
5. Our rates are so reasonable you can't afford NOT to use us.
6. We'll happily take over any projects that you've given up on.
7. 75% of our business comes from satisfied customer referrals.
8. we'll do the jobs exactly as you'd like them done... Your the Boss!
9. We'll use our equipment-saving you money on extra tools & equipment.
10. We love what we do and it shows!

Our No-Risk Guarantee:
Take a worker for a hour, if your not satisfied with the worker, call us within the first hour and we'll replace the worker and you will not be billed for that hour.

   ("No contracts just great service!') Steve S. Worcester, MA  

 ("They showed up on time and did a great job!) Anne T. Leominster, MA 


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